Connection with Spotify lost - again and again and again

Connection with Spotify is lost. I get this message track after track - nothing will play. Spotify plays OK with their desktop app and plays no problem on my other devices. I use Qobuz on Sonos too and am having (today) no problems at all. I have tried the usual - re-adding Spotify, rebooting router, rebooting laptop etc etc etc. I have tried to submit diagnostics but the process just hangs saying 'submitting' and after 10 minutes says 'try again'. Broadband speed is 4.25Mbps - wireless network is behaving faultlessly and Sonos controller is hardwired. Ideas?

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Same issue as everyone else it appears. Diagnostic 1372485791
Spotify disconnects all the time, it’s almost unusable.

I'd start one new thread of your own, with the diagnostic number as part of the subject. Also include what Sonos devices you have and how they're connected.

Note that although you refer to 'the same issue', there are many reasons for interrupted playback. It's almost always something from a standard set of problems with the the user's network or wireless environment. Sonos support on Twitter or by phone are apparently very good at assisting with debugging and resolution.
Same issue as everyone else it appears. Diagnostic 1372485791

Spotify disconnects all the time, it’s almost unusable.
I use Spotify and Sonos for my alarm, this morning I woke up late for work because of this. Thanks Sonos!
So 4 years this thread has been open and still no fix from Sonos. This is ridiculous considering the price of the systems. As people have pointed out time and time again the issue lies with sonos and spotify, not ethernet cables, not electronic interferance, not missing updates, not DNS settings, not aliens, Every other service works as it should, yet Spotify constantly 'loses connection'. Which in itself is rubbish as you can usually still browse spotify using the sonos app, it just wont play the songs. Sometimes weeks will go by with no issues and then all of a sudden once again it fails and there is nothing you can do to fix it, you just have to wait until it decides it wants to play ball again. Why has this not been fixed yet????????
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Hello, problem with error message of connection to Spotify lost.
Diagnostic 902112161

Hi Peter,

I replied to your post in the other thread.
Hello, problem with error message of connection to Spotify lost.
Diagnostic 902112161
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"Connection with Spotify lost" - again and again.
When choosing Spotify app and play Sonos, it is ok, but Sonos/Spotify does not work.
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Hello CJRock, looking at your diagnostics, I can see that you do not have Spotify added as a service to Sonos. Are you able to add the Spotify service to Sonos within the Sonos app? Once this is done, you should then be able to use Spotify Connect with Sonos.
I have the same issue as most people here... can see all of my SONOS devices and can group / ungroup them from Spotify but cannot connect to them. Diagnostics 7547863
Hi Omar H. Thanks for that. I'll try it this weekend. Just a quick question - I've had an email which suggests I upgrade to 7.3. Will this interfere with the "small software update" which you have applied to my system, or should I just update my Sonos app as usual?

Thanks again,

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BOBQRO - We aren't able to gather much information from the diagnostic as it seems the player was rebooted before submitting. Mind submitting a diagnostic within 10 minutes of the issue happening and posting the number?

Stumps & JamesB1 - I have applied small software updates to your system to help with those lost connection errors. Let me know if you are still experiencing the same issue after the update.

It's been rubbish today. Submitted diagnostic 7480154. Could you let me know what's going wrong?
Hey Matt R: I did what you said: i changed the wlan network. but the problem is still there. i made a new diagnostic: 7478981
Hi, I sent my diagnostic 7463619 so I can fix my Spotify lost connection isue. Thanks.
Hi Stumps , Welcome to the community!

Thanks for posting the diagnostic, it looks like you have your speaker setup on your Edimax Wifi extender/booster (AnoDomINI_2EX) , this is going to add a lot of latency to the connection to spotify which is the likely cause of the abnormal behavior the signal strength to the main wifi (AnoDomINI) from the router is no problem in the speaker's current location.

To change the wifi details in the player we need to temporarily connect the speaker directly to the router with an ethernet cable. Then we can access the Sonos Application and then we need to go to "settings"->"Advanced settings"->Wireless setup and then select next, then select your wireless network AnoDomINI not AnoDomINI_2EX and then enter your wifi password. (if you are unable to find advanced settings, check for online updates, then after updating you should see advanced settings). Then you can remove the Ethernet cable from the player and router and relocate to your usual location, then let us know how you get on.
Hello. I can connect to my Sonos Play 3 threw my Spotify app on the android phone or threw my PC but if i press anything else then "play random" from a playlist nothing will happen and it will just disconnect on the app.

Diagnostics: 7459790

PS: Threw the sonos app everything works fine and without delay
Hi, rmk1138. Welcome to the community. Would you please reboot all of your devices, then if this happens again, submit a diagnostic of your system and respond with the corresponding confirmation, within 20 minutes. One of our agents will take a look. Thanks.
Thanks Edward, it's just happened again. I submitted 7458957.
Thank you for taking a look!
Hello BOBQRO, welcome to the Community.

We'd be happy to take a look. Mind taking a diagnostic and replying with the number? Directions here:
Does the new update fix this lost conection with spotify isue? I have the same problem.
Ok, everything was rebooted: router, wireless access point, and sonos speakers. I checked for updates, but everything appears to be up to date.
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2inkStudio, picking up where Nico left off, it appears your system did not receive the update that is available. Try rebooting the router and your Sonos system, then check for updates and let us know how that goes.
@Nico R, we just submitted diagnostics, confirmation code 7386646
Hi 2inkStudio, we'd like to check if your system updated properly. Would you mind sending over another diagnostic?
@Tom B - reminder that our sonos account streams Tidal without any issues, suggesting we do not have any issues with wireless interference or noise. our spotify accounts also stream without any issues as standalone through computer speakers or headphones but when we play spotify through sonos this is where we experience the regularly occurring interruptions in the stream. that said, we feel confident this is a spotify/sonos issue and look forward to any other ideas you have to resolve our issue. thanks!
our sonos app is current / up to date.