Connection to Tidal lost

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Hi Max
Thanks for your reply. No I don't have any problems playing local files or TuneIn radio, it's only a problem with Tidal.
I have the same issue with Tidal. Can you please check: 896084003
Same here yesterday and today. Connection to Tidal (and only Tidal) keeps dropping.
Thank goodness for one of the responses in this thread. I was experiencing this issue consistently, starting about three days ago. Tracks would skip part-way through, or refuse to play altogether. Someone mentioned an update fixed it for them. I ran "Check for Updates…" in the desktop app, and it found an update. First the app updated, then it updated my devices. Now Tidal streaming is working flawlessly again!
Same issue 6250219
Hi jonmb63, I have reviewed your diagnostic found a couple sync errors between the Sonos and Tidal.
Is the system experiencing the same the problems with local music or/and TuneIn radio stations? As, some Sonos units are experiencing peals of wireless interference that may lead up to the audio drops.

If this is the problem - and a known problem - what’s the solution to the peals of wireless interference and what’s caused them to start happening all at once?
I thought that the update had fixed the issue for me, but it returned after a few hours. Now, a few days after the update, I'm lucky if I can make it through an entire song on Tidal. All other sources work fine, and Tidal plays fine on every other device on the same network. It doesn't make a difference if I start the stream from the Sonos app or the Tidal app.
I submitted diagnostics, confirmation number 1861609756.
All they did was push it down the road . . . they're getting thousands of people with this problem, and they're sending out big long lists of things you need to get them and a "diagnostic" as well. It's a joke. This is customer service trying to push the problem further ahead and not resolve it. I got an email reply after a detailed report that was ludicrous. Simply a cut and paste or auto-bot reply to my query about Tidal issues.
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Hi everyone. Last week and over the weekend we were working with Tidal to get an outage resolved. This outage was posted on our status page here:

As of now, it should be resolved. If you are still having troubles accessing Tidal, my best recommendation is to contact our support team directly as they can have a closer look in real time and determine if the issue is still present.

I'm closing this topic as it's a topic from 2015 and likely has nothing to do with this outage or any future problems. There is no need to ping users about a topic from 2015 about a recent outage.