Connection to Spotify was Lost and the song was not encoded correctly

  • 8 October 2017
  • 9 replies

I’m having regular error messages, the main ones being the Connection to Spotify was Lost but also the song was not encoded correctly. This is regularly happening, more often than not when using Spotify on Sonos. I would appreciate some help.

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9 replies

I'd certainly recommend that you submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at.
Thanks have done so. My number is 7933264
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TheChrisMorgan36: Thanks for submitting the diagnostic report. Since submitting this report, we have released a couple updates regarding Spotify. Would you mind reproducing the problem and submitting another diagnostic report so we can take a closer look?

According to the last diagnostic report you sent in, it seems the Living Room player is showing a decent amount of Physical Errors which point to a potential problem with other large appliances or electronics in the immediate physical area of that PLAY:1.
I'm having a similar issue. Diagnostic report is 8040039. I have already troubleshooting wireless interference, etc with no issues. Amazon Music, XMSirius Radio all work without any issues.
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Thanks for the diagnostic, Gorillaadmin. I understand you have troubleshot wireless interference. I am seeing spikes of interference about every ten minutes or so between the Office player and your router. These cause error rates in the stream to jump to 15-20%. This lines up with the loss of connection errors I see on the player. Can you tell me a little more about the location of the router and the player?
Keith, the router sits about 15 feet away from the Sonos 1. I have no issues with playing anything but Spotify. Spotify plays 8-10 seconds of a song then skips to the next. I've been listening to Amazon Music for the past hour with no issue.
New diagnostic report is 8040893 if that will help.
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Thanks for the fresh diagnostic! I noticed that your player is connecting to a Belkin device for connectivity, but your router is a Sophos device. Could you describe the router that is 15 feet away? What is the make and model of this device?
Internet comes in via a Comcast Business modem into a Sophos XG135 Firwall into a Unifi 1 G switch. The wireless accesspoint is a Linysys LAPAC 1200.