Connection to Spotify was lost

Having consistent bad experience when trying to play from Spotify.
Continually get the error “Connection to Spotify was lost”
I’ve read through many threads here but could not find a fix.
Diagnostic 1714874550

Thanks for your support!

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Hello there, drunen. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. I am seeing quite a bit of interference on the BRIDGE and on the Kitchen PLAY:5. Specifically, I am seeing Physical Electronic Errors. These are normally caused by large electronic devices in close proximity to each of these units. Let's first take a look at the BRIDGE since this device feeds the rest of Sonos. What devices are in the immediate surroundings of the BRIDGE?

Hi Keith,
Thanks for reviewing my diagnostics report and getting back to me.

The Bridge is plugged into my Wi-Fi router (2 ft. away), and my cable modem is also in this vicinity (2 ft.) I do need to plug my Bridge into my router to gain connectivity to my network, but I will move my Bridge as far away from my router as my cable will allow me.

As for the Kitchen Play:5. It is the furthest away from the router but there is nothing around it that would cause interference. Do you see a weak signal to the Kitchen zone?

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Understood. Thanks for moving the BRIDGE away from the other units. Would you mind submitting another diagnostic report and reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end? Once I am able to pull up the report we can compare results from before.
Hi Keith,
Here is my second diagnostics report. While the issues seemed to improve, they are still occurring even after moving the Bridge. I was able to capture it exactly when there issues were occurring. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for giving that a go, Dan. Let's try removing the BRIDGE from the equation entirely. Remove power from the BRIDGE and unplug the Ethernet cable to the Router. Since the PLAYBAR is currently plugged in, you will still get the benefits of the BOOST setup. Let me know if this helps!


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