Connection to Spotify Lost multiple times

  • 22 February 2020
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As per the title, seen this a few times now. Found various other posts but all closed for further comments.


Submitted diagnosis number 285123403



Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 22 February 2020, 22:53


Quite possibly a weak WiFi signal, or wireless interference around your Sonos devices. Maybe try a different ‘fixed’ non-overlapping 2.4ghz WiFi channel on your router (either channel 1, 6 or 11), ...or better still, consider cabling a single Sonos device to your router (if practicable) to move all your Sonos products over to SonosNet.

If you do decide to opt for SonosNet, which I tend to recommend to family and friends etc; then also do these two additional things:

  1. Set the SonosNet channel in “Settings/System/Network” of the Sonos App so that it is at least 5 channels away from your chosen router 2.4ghz channel.
  2. Remove/reset the WiFi credentials in the Sonos App “SettingsSystem/Network/Wireless Setup”. These are not needed when running the devices on SonosNet.

One further useful thing I would choose to do, is to add the Sonos IP addresses to your networks' DHCP Reservation Table… this is an optional, but worthwhile, step.

Hopefully that will then resolve your streaming music service dropout issues.

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37 replies

Hi all,

I must say I invested quite some time in monitoring my WiFi network. I changed a bunch of settings on my router (like no separate SSID for 2.4Ghz/5Ghz) disabled Airtime Fairness (cuz I have an asus RT router) and disabled the Multi-user MIMO setting on the 2.4GHz (might help I think). This might be a handy page also for some of the people having this problem: 

Then I started monitoring the http://<sonos-device-ip>:1400/support/review page. More specifically the Noise floor and OFDM ANI level over time. You can check out the code here:

My conclusion was that (apart from all the settings changes in my router) my 2.4Ghz Wifi network was not performing well in certain parts of my house (where one of the devices was located alas). So reconfiguring my router antennas to point more to that part of the house did the trick (I think). It quite baffles me that Spotify relies on such crisp (aka top-notch configured) Wifi network while other services (Audible, soundcloud, etc.) play just fine. IMHO the problem resides there. Oh, and let no one tell you that an IT problem can be fixed by “turning it on and off again”. Its like sweeping a bug under the rug. It will come back and haunt you, I can assure you that. And indeed a lot of users experience this problem apparently.

Hope this helps somebody cuz I really can’t lay my finger on how I fixed it exactly . 

Status page just went all green.

Since all Sonos does in that relationship is point the speakers to the stream address provided by Spotify, I think you can figure out where the issue likely is.

Yeah I don’t think this was actually a SONOS issue, other than Spotify did something that clearly broke SONOS integration.  Whether that was nefarious or just purely by accident remains pure conjecture.  But it did strike me as curious that SONOS had *zero* issues with any other services, and Spotify was not reporting any issues with other integration partners.  This appears(ed) to be a SONOS-to-Spotify-specific issue.

Which suggests that Spotify has been working on the issue on their end. 

FWIW, my Spotify integration just started working again in the last few minutes… all my speakers, no changes to local networking… no reboots of anything.  It just went back to “normal” with no change on my end.  Let’s hope it lasts...

Click me  <---- That is the SONOS service status page.

I think you will get much better answers there.

This spotify issue has *nothing* to do with your sonos setup or your local network.

Looks to me like maybe Spotify isn’t happy with SONOS having started their own radio service.

Of course that is just conjecture, but I’ve been seeing other little issues with Spotify since the SONOS announcement first came out.  Now it just doesn’t work at all.  o_0

same issue.  no spotify on sonos.  i feel this happens quite frequently but today is no playback of spotify whatsoever


You might want to read the post just above yours.

same issue.  no spotify on sonos.  i feel this happens quite frequently but today is no playback of spotify whatsoever

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Hi folks,


Welcome to the community.We are currently experiencing an outage with Spotify.  Please check back there for any updates pertaining to the outage if you click right HERE.


Many thanks for your understanding. 

I have been having issues as well since the evening may 6, 2020. This is very frustrating. 
number 154256249

This literally happens to me EVERY TIME I TRY TO PLAY SOMETHING. The radio is more convenient and easier to get music to play than these speakers.


PLEASE ADVISE. I own five play ones and a play five and they are seemingly worthless at this point.

Not being able to stream Spotify through my SONOS system is VERY FRUSTRATING.  I get the same error message as in the post above from kasmonaut.  Spotify works fine playing directly through the Spotify App on my iPhone and/or Bluetoothed to my Bose stand alone speaker. Resetting my router does not resolve the issue.  This just started today after nearly 2 years of trouble free streaming of Spotify through SONOS.  This issue needs to be resolved quickly.

Please advise on corrective action.  Thank you.

I am having these same issues with connection to Spotify being lost. It won’t let me play Spotify songs from the Sonos app or from the Spotify app to my Sonos system. The Spotify account is working fine. Also, my soundcloud app is able to play to my Sonos. It’s something with Spotify that is messed up. PLEASE HELP!

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Hi Folks,

Please follow these steps below:

  1. Confirm Spotify works outside of Sonos.
  2. Perhaps remove your Spotify account within the Sonos app and add it back in.
  3. Reboot your Wi-Fi network as well as all of your Sonos products.


 As a test, I would ask you to temporarily connect one of your Sonos products into the router (or mesh provided you are using Wi-Fi from the mesh system), and try again and I recommend that you reach out to our support team  and start a troubleshooting ticket.

Sonos still dropping out too regularly when I’m listening to Spotify. Nothing showing up in the Error Log. I just sent another diagnostic response : 812605858. This is frustrating...not been an issue until recently. 



I have been having exactly the same problem as Wilfried (Sonos works perfectly with Tunein Radio but constant 'connection has been lost' problems with Spotify) Is there any published resolution to this problem?




Hello @BeachBall,

Thank you for the additional information about your system. 

Just to clarify, is the Ethernet port on your Beam providing the network connection for that switch or is the switch wired into your Google WiFi router?

If you are using your Sonos Beam as an Ethernet pass-through for other networked devices, we recommend that you do not as it’s not going to be reliable. 

If the switch is being fed by a wired connection to your Google WiFi node, please double check this connection as it doesn’t appear to be working. 

To continue troubleshooting, can you detach the Ethernet connection on your Beam  and then test Spotify playback on a single room location and report back with a diagnostic and the results?     

Thanks Jean.

The ethernet port on the Beam was providing the network connection for the switch. So...I went out, bought another Google Wifi access point which I set up today and connected to the switch...Still getting the “Unable to play ___ the connection to Spotify was lost” so seems I may have not have needed the extra Google Wifi access point.

The problem seems to happen a couple of time a week. I really don’t want to have only one speaker on-line to test until I hear that there’s a that what you are suggesting? Or do you just want a diagnostic report with only one speaker connected?

Thanks again,


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@Wilfried Zeehaven,

Understood, we are limited in troubleshooting on the Community. I would like to move your case over to our phone team so we can do more advanced troubleshooting with you in live time at your earliest convenience.  

@Sebastien D.,

No only Spotify has the problem. I have Audible and this always works without delay/errors. Also when I stream music from my local library (NAS) it has no delays/errors.

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Hi @Wilfried Zeehaven,

Does the issue occur using multiple music streaming services in your system besides Spotify?  

@Sebastien D.,

Ok I spoke too soon. The problem keeps happening. When the problem occurred I un/linked my Spotify account but the problem got worse. It takes really long to start a song and oftentimes it skips multiple songs after one begins to play. And when it plays a few sometimes stops playing songs in the queue.

The 2 WiFi devices have very good Wifi reception (Play 3 has 440 Mbps and the Play 1 has 190Mbps) + Playbar is physically wired.  

I made a new diagnostics report: 700100506

@Sebastien D. 

A day after I had rebooted my sonos devices the error began to pop-up again. And again I rebooted only the devices (not my network setup). Not suprisingly the error went away.

But after some digging into the forum I found something helpful: 

Disabling the Airtime Fairness setting for both 2.4 and 5GHz on my Asus RT-AC88U WiFi router did the trick. Now the problems seem to be gone even after 2 days. Anyway thanks for your help.


So did exactly that (modem, router and all my Sonos devices). First song I played got: “Unable to play ‘Open’ - the connection to Spotify was lost” error. After that every song plays timely and without this error message, Hurray! Before I posted my diagnostics report, I already had reset my modem and router but not my Sonos devices and un/linked my account but no fix from those. So I assume it had something to do with the connection inside the Sonos devices. Sebastian, I wonder what made you say I should reset my Sonos devices? Was it the long uptime of the Sonos devices? If it is company support policy to turn to “turn it on and off again” when the uptime exceeds X days I suggest you guys look into this. From the forum I see this happens quite a lot and imho it deteriorates your brand name. Along with the iffy decisions as of late (I am referring to bricking decision and rollback) I am now much less inclined to suggest your products to other people I know (as I have on multiple occasions in the past).

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Hi @Wilfried Zeehaven ,

I would suggest removing your Spotify account from Sonos and link it back in. If the issue still persists, try a full network reboot from your Wi-Fi router and if possible I’d reboot all of your Sonos devices as well. Let me know what happens after.