Connection to Spotify lost

  • 24 December 2016
  • 6 replies


I am unable to play more than one song from Spotify. At the end of the song an error is returned saying the connection to Spotify is lost.this message is repeated for all songs in the play list.

Please advise.

Kind regards,

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6 replies

Same here, submitted diagnostic 6915104
Upgraded connect firmware this morning, had no trouble with spotify before
New dlink router installed since last week ( wifi on connect is persist-off, ethernet connection to router)
Radio works fine
Spotify on ios works fine, streaming to sonos frm within spotify app gives no sound but also no complaints
Playing spotify song within sonos controller complains that song can not play and skips to next song where it also finds out that t cant play...
One point in the day it played a few songs though...don' t know how or why
Dissapointing at xmass day, but have been very happy with combination spotify premium + sonos till now
I note that also last year at christmass there were complaints of issues that looked very familiar ( but different firmware at that time)
I just switched to my primary wireless router which connects to the network provider and it is now working. I have two wireless routers separated by an unmanaged 16 port giga switch. Perhaps there is something particular with how the second wireless router is configured. I might try playing with the settings. All other wireless devices work with the secondary router so not sure why Sonos acts differently.
I've had the same issue (Sonos not being able to connect with Spotify) over the last few weeks after the latest firmware update. I appreciate that it's a busy time of the year but looking at all of the forum comments over the past few weeks pretty much everybody is having the same issue as myself.There's a large issue and it's from the sound of it, it's your problem, not ours. Thank you and I hope that it can be fixed very soon. Merry Christmas!!
Diagnostics number:6915987
It seems to work this morning (cross fingers that it stays alive). i was thinking that it could be an issue with traffic. playing inside sonos should ask for a much higher bitrate ( the main reason why i pay premium) than when playing spotify directly on a mobile device which would explain why that works. If this is the case, some auto- fallback to lower bitrate could be acceptable on days were there is so much traffic that otherwise you get no music at all ( but really only on a few days a year ). Would that make sense?
But broke again around 11.00, or actually intermittent. Changing data compression setting to auto doesnt make a difference.
Dear Sonos,
It has been 2 weeks now that I sent a diagnostic, and received no response whatsoever apart from this community. My spotify connection still doesnt work while I am paying real money for it (both to sonos and to spotify and I really dont care on what side the problem is situated)
Can I revert back to the old firmware untill the issues are ironed out?