connection to apple music lost - ALL THE TIME

  • 28 June 2017
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I'm experiencing many connection drops. Music skips every second song, rendering the speakers unusable.
I've got good WiFi reception throughout the house. I've moved every possible device to 5GHz, got a BOOST, nothing helps.
Moved the router around the house, moved the speakers, switched routers, even got the neighbors to switch their WiFi channel. Currently I'm on channel 11, which according to a net scan is the channel with the lowest interference.

Ive got a 100Mbps internet connection, I'm able to stream HD movies wirelessly without a hiccup, but somehow SONOS can't seem to play a single song without completely braking down.

Is there an option to increase the player buffer? enable some sort of ECC to recover from packet losses? anything?
Any idea at all??

diagnostic 7544019


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6 replies

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Hello motiteitel, It looks like there are some issues with communication between some of the Sonos devices there, mainly as a result of wireless interference. I would first make sure your BOOST as at least 40 centimeters away from the router. You mentioned a channel change to channel 11, did you mean your wireless network or the SonosNet? We generally suggest the SonosNet channel and your wireless network be different to avoid issues like this. You may also need to check their proximity to other sources of interference such as cordless phone bases, baby monitors or wireless CCTV systems.

My wireless network operates at 5GHz, so is of no interference to the SonosNet.
I've moved the BOOST away from the router, and selected channel 11 for Sonos as it has the highest SNR.
Is there a way to tell which connection is bad? Could I pin out a single device in the network which cases these issues?


Having made all those changes, you may want to submit a new diagnostic for them to review, and post the number here.

The issue can be seen in diagnostic 7676964.
Any help would be appreciated, the product is unusable at the moment.

motiteitel, we're seeing some wireless interference in the diagnostic, so would you please move the SonosNET channel to 1? Here's How:

From the Sonos program on your Mac, choose

Sonos > Sonos Preferences > Advanced Settings > SonosNET Channel > 1

Test Apple Music out and if the interruptions continue, move the SonosNET channel over to 6.

Mind submitting one more diagnostic after making the changes and replying back with your confirmation number?

I've changed the wireless channel to 1, didn't seem to help. Confirmation number 7749887.

Thank you!