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  • 18 May 2018
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Hi all,
I’ve not used Sonos before, but have bought 4 speakers for 4 points in my hotel & restaurant. I couldn’t connect to any of the speakers via our internal WiFi system (it’s not like your standard broadband).
Normally the WiFi signal is very good, any device can connect to it.
The speakers weren’t connecting at all, so we bought a sonos boost. I connected the boost into the router & it picked up a speaker right next to it, and I successfully used the speaker.
However, the sonos boost still doesn’t seem to help enough to get the speaker working when I’m in a different room.
Any help with what I could try next would be gratefully received! It should be noted I’m only trying to connect 4 speakers all on the ground floor of the hotel, in the bar & restaurant.

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1 reply

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Hi JessD,

Perhaps I can add a few comments and other networking gurus can chime in on some of the network barriers you are running into.

First comment: What the boost is doing:

The boost is providing a direct access to your network for the Sonos products so they can create their own wireless network (referred to as "SonosNet"). You can set the desired wireless "channel" for this network to use in the Sonos app. When you added the boost, it went looking for speakers within wireless signal range ( that is within range of the boost itself ... and then the devices will also look to see if there are any other speakers within wireless distance of them... a "mesh" network). Speakers that fall outside of wireless signal range of each other or a boost will not be able to connect to the Boost. (Note that I'm ignoring your internal WIFI network in this - this is just a Sonos product to Sonos product network.) This may not be what you want to create depending on the geography you are wanting to cover/connect.

When you have a controller app on a device connected to the wifi router that the Sonos Boost is connected to, it can control any Sonos products within the "SonosNet" network. so that is why you could control your one speaker.

sooo... what happens when you move around the hotel: I'm guessing now that when you go to a different area of the hotel, you are connecting to a different wifi device (perhaps with the same wireless network name and password), but the physical connections / routers/switches of your network are not facilitating communication across the network from that router you are then connected to over to the one your boost is connected to. That is a networking challenge you need a networking expert for I'm afraid - I can't help you there, but that is what I expect is the challenge.

Another note: you say "...any device can connect..." to the wireless... if that is really true, and you do get the Sonos products functioning on the network, anyone who has /downloads the Sonos controller app and connects to the same network they are on will be able to control the speakers... I'm just wondering if that is what you really want...

hope this helps,