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  • 25 April 2021
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I’ve got the s2 app and have struggled with connectivity. Every time I open the app it won’t connect to the speakers. I’ve now tried changing channels on my router and resetting everything from scratch so router, both play 3’s and play  1’s as I have two of each. I now cannot get the speaker to connect at all. The app sees them, asks me to go through the motions of setting them up which seems very slow now. Then at the end says it’s done everything but says the speakers cannot be seen in the app and to switch them off and back on to complete the process. When I do that nothing happens and I go back to the beginning. Absolutely desperate for help as I’ve tried calling Sonos only to keep being told they are closed even though I’m calling during their advertised office hours. 


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9 replies

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Try wiring one of your speakers directly to the router with an ethernet cable.

I’ve tried that, it doesn’t make any difference

I’ve just spent four hours trying to set it up, resetting it and trying again. I’m losing the will to live 

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What model router are you using?

It’s BT



Jesus Christ your a star, I’ve turned the 5G off and I’ve got part of it working straight away. Just need to sort the other four out now! Thank you so much 😊 

Heh, happy to help. It’s a temporary fix, imho, but BT needs to fix their firmware. It may be worth contacting them to add your voice to that effort. 

Yeah I’ll deffo call them tomorrow. It’s just nice to know I wasn’t being stupid after four hours of messing about!!