Connection Issues and Spotify Issues

  • 12 December 2017
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Hi All. (android and Windows 10 PC user)
I can see that others are now also experiencing issues with connections and Spotify, hence I needed to report this to see if they would actually try to help.
My two play 1 (L&R) and standalone One (bedroom) have worked flawlessly, except Alexa which I am advised does not yet work i Norway for the past months. Yet now just in the past few days I have been having major issues, initially I thought my router was dying as this happened before; router worked fine but with SONOS it just wouldn't give it the bandwidth needed. Firstly I couldn't connect to Spotify, so I tried Spotify APP, this worked but would not let me connect to speakers. Rebooted router, this didn't help so powered it down for 30sec and this got it working. Today, couldn't stop music playing, tried all the usual tricks, tried with PC but PC couldn't find SONOS system, something had hung up. Suddenly left speaker stopped working and it was impossible to stop music on right speaker so had to remove power. Left speaker is hardwired to router, the other two are wireless. I gave up in the end and left it off. After an hour, I tried again and all was working for a while. Now when I look at Android app it has bedroom selected and no music yet I am downstairs listening to Spotify on L&R speakers, so again unable to stop music playing as system no can no longer see L&R. Bad times.
Any ideas or am I waiting for SONOS to get their finger out?

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