Connecting turntable to stereo five speakers doesn’t work

  • 1 November 2021
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I have problems connecting a rega plus1 turntable with build-in amp to my five speakers that’s in stereo mode

I am using a standard RCA to ⅛” (3.5mm).

In the Sonos-app the line-in source says it is playing, but no sound other the scratchy noice when volume is on 100% 

I have tried to change the source level on the five. I have tried to separate the five speakers so no longer in stereo and I have tried to curse at the system - nothing helps 

It should be so easy so what am I doing wrong? 

6 replies

Try more cursing. :grinning:


If it doesn’t work when connected to either aux port on the pair of Fives, then it seems likely the issue is with the turntable.  I would check the settings on the turntable to make sure it is outputting to the port you expect it to.  Maybe try a different speaker with aux input if you have one.  The problem could also be with the RCA to 3.5mm jack, try a different one if you have it.  Does the jack have 1 stripe (mono) or 2 stripes(stereo)?  You obviously want a stereo version.

Thanks for fast reply.
Have tried cursing at the system in English, German, Danish and Finnish - Same result 

I have two different RCA to 3,5mm - Same result

the settings on the turntable are so simple, so even I can’t mess it up 

I must try to locate another speaker with aux input. 


I’ve seen switches on turntables that get “crusty”, for a lack of a better word, when switching between “phono level” and “pre-amped level”, so it might be worth moving that switch back and forth a few times, just to be sure. 


In the Sonos-app the line-in source says it is playing,


If you mean that the little vertical bars are moving, then that does not indicate that anything is playing, just that there is a cable plugged into the line-in. 

Do you have an Autoplay Room specified? It needs to be set to the speaker itself. (For example, if the speaker is called "Bedroom"  then set Autoplay Room to be Bedroom)



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Try a different signal into the aux - plug in an iPod/iPad to the line in and make sure you have sound coming up. 
I have a Project turntable I ton single five working well. Auto detect on and input level at 9. 

Thanks a lot for comments and solutions.

Well, the problem wasn’t Sonos, it was the pick up on the turntable that was loose. Now it’s fixed and everything works great. The salesman believes it was a corona-bug. 

And yes, level 9 is the one to prefer 

Thanks sonosians