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Hi. I recently updated the software and my neighbour's connect:amp has appeared on my system. I can control their speaker system. Does anyone know how I can remove the system, please?

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Your neighbor is using your WiFi. Time to change the password on your router
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Yea they are connecting to your wifi or are you in an apartment where you all share network?
Thanks, but they are not sharing my WiFi. I recently changed the server and password, so know it's not that. Thanks though.
I have their Connect:Amp listed on my Sonos account. I cannot see how to delete it. Any ideas?!?! Thanks.
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Listed on account or actually showing in app to play to?

Are you using sonosnet with one unit hooked to your router?

Did you help them set theirs up or did it belong to you at one time?
Hi Chris,
Sorry, did not see reply as notification went into my junk mail. Their system is showing up on my App too. My home and my neighbour's were both Show Homes with the Sonos systems (Connect:Amps only) so would have been connected. I could always get their Sonos Playlists, but after the latest update I can now control their system and it appears in my App and my Sonos online account. I have reset my internet password and username but they are still connected. Annoying, and a baffle!!!! Any thoughts, please. Sonos help have not given any useful advice. Thanks.
Do they now have any other Sonos devices? Do you? This will make a difference to the suggested solution. Or still just one C:A each?
Hi John. They only have a C:A connected to ceiling speakers. I have added three Sonos speakers - Play 1, 2 and 3.
Hope you can help!!
OK. If you go into Settings on a controller, then Sonos Account, what email address does it show as registered to? Is it what you expect? Do you know what it says on your neighbour's controller?
Also, you can see their playlists, but I assume they can also see yours?
Thinking aloud... this is really baffling! It sounds like the developers have set the two homes up as one Sonos system. Even so, you shouldn't be able to see any devices that are not on your own LAN, assuming that this is separate from the neighbours' LAN. I am wondering if SonosNet is providing a link somehow but don't really see how.

If they change a playlist, say add another track, do you see that change?
First, if the Sonos systems in the two houses can still see one another's units then they're all part of the same system/household. I would guess that both houses have a wired Sonos component, and SonosNet is bridging the two LANs. Given that there would then be two routers/DHCP servers, mayhem would eventually ensue.

One or other house will need to factory reset everything and set up afresh. This will trash Sonos Playlists, and other system settings. Given that next door has just one C:A it might be easier to persuade them to set theirs up afresh. On the other hand if they have carefully composed Sonos Playlists this may be an unwelcome step. Alternatively, if you have zero Sonos Playlists and don't mind a bit of extra work, factory reset all your units and set up from new. Controllers need to be reset too before starting the re-build.

Secondly, ensure that whichever system is reset uses a different email. This should be a Sonos account specific to whomever does the reset.
Have to agree with @ratty then, SonosNet is providing the link. I was trying to think if there was anyway to avoid the reset by putting the things into standard mode and taking SonosNet out of the equation. But cannot see that helping as you could not put in separate wifi details until the systems are separated. So something of a Catch 22
Incidentally that sounds like a pretty insecure situation beyond its implications for Sonos so you have to sort it out
HI I am sure it is not a WiFi issue but the way the system has been configured. I have two investment apartments, one above the other and both share one router located in one of the apartments. I was careful when setting up to create two households by for instance when creating the second household setting it up as new network rather than connecting to an existing system. I'm pretty sure that at some time there has been cross-contamination in connectivity between the two houses.
Thank you!!!!! Very much appreciated!!!
Please can I ask how to do a factory reset?
Factory reset usually involves pressing a couple of buttons whilst removing and then re-adding power but a while since I did it so not precisely sure. Googling How to reset Sonos will give you simple instructions... once you know how to do one, most components are the same or very similar. Doesn't take too long
Stewart Cockerham wrote:

Please can I ask how to do a factory reset?
@IJN's situation is rather different from yours, although his two household setup is entirely appropriate for his situation.

The buttons to press vary by device. Here is the official word
Other points on my set up which may or may not be relevant: I have set up using Sonos Bridges - not sure if the newer WiFi set up may compromise things, but effectively set up two independent SonosNets using the same WiFi/ router. Each cannot see the other's components but interestingly Spotify sees the set up as one household (presumably since using the same ISP address.
Where there are multiple households on the same subnet each can be either SonosNet or WiFi (or both if a household happens to be in 'Mixed mode'). It's the different HouseholdIDs which keep them apart, not the choice of data link layer.

IJN wrote:

Each cannot see the other's components but interestingly Spotify sees the set up as one household (presumably since using the same ISP address.

I don't use Spotify, still less Spotify Connect, but I'd say it's more likely to be because the households have the same SonosID/account.

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