Connecting to both TV sound and HD Box

  • 6 February 2017
  • 2 replies

Hi there,
I have a TV connected to a HD box from YouSee. I have connected my Soundbar with the YouSee box to run the sound through the box to Sonos.
However, the box does not support e.i. Netflix or ViaPlay, but my TV does. So how do I connect both my HD box AND my TV so both run sound through Sonos?

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2 replies

Get a TOSLINK/optical switch.
Or if the YouSee box has an HDMI output, connect this to the TV and then run the optical cable from the TV to the Playbar. However, your TV may or may not be capable of passing DD5.1 surround sound out over optical - you may only get stereo. You may need to adjust your TV's audio settings to get the result you want.

@ratty's suggestion will certainly work and this is the switch I use on my system: