Connecting Sonos 3

  • 6 June 2017
  • 3 replies

I recently bought a 3. When adding the speaker to my system the app states that it has been linked to someone else's email address that I do not have a password to. Therefor I cannot connect the device. How do I fix this?

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3 replies

Factory reset the unit by disconnecting the power, then reapply the power while holding down the Mute/Pause button. Hold the button in until the LED starts flashing. Then setup as normal.
Thank you! I tried this and I still cannot connect. Maybe I have a wifi issue now. I'm not seeing the device in wifi connect nor do I get a green light on the speaker?
The firmware may be too old to connect wirelessly. Try connecting it via Ethernet cable. Add it, let it update, then deploy wirelessly.