Connecting my new Samsung TV Optical out to Sonos ZP120?

  • 19 January 2017
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Hi - I've recently purchased a new Samsung TV which doesn't have analog L/R audio out, only optical out... What is the best way to connect to my ZP 120 (Connect amp) to the TV audio output? I've read a few forums, some say use a convertor from optical to analog, others say use the HDMI output of the tv and purchase an HDMI/analog convertor? Thanks for your help!

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4 replies

Either would be fine. As you've noted, you're only getting stereo, not any surround information, which will probably need to be locked down in the TV's audio settings, since you're using the TV's optical out.

That being said, for the HDMI solution, I'd put the device in front of the TV (i.e. between the source and the TV), not as an output from the TV. Not sure that was what you were implying there, but just in case....
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Thanks for the reply, not sure what you mean by putting the device in front of the TV? The tv is on the wall in a bedroom, the ZP120 is directly above the tv in an attic, from the ZP120 I've wired 2x Linn Custom speakers that are located in the ceiling directly above the bed. I was planning to put the convertor in the attic between the tv and the ZP120 in order to connect the TV to the ZP120.... if you could give me more detail of your idea that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Sorry, I didn't mean physically in front, I meant in terms of the path of the data. If you're going to split the audio off of the HDMI, do it before the HDMI gets to the TV, not after. So have it set up like this: Video source -->Splitter --> TV. In your post, it sounded like you might be potentially taking the audio off of an output of HDMI from the TV set. I've never seen an HDMI output from a TV, but wanted to be sure that I was as clear as possible.

Which I wasn't. My apologies. 🙂
I agree with everything @airgetlam has said. But if for any reason you are obliged by the location of your equipment to do the conversion from the optical out, that should also be OK. I have never succeeded in finding an optical to analogue converter that could receive multichannel digital and output analogue stereo. Generally they can only receive digital stereo. That is fine for your situation provided you have a TV setting that allows you to output stereo / PCM over optical.