Connecting a Friends iPhone to My System

  • 30 April 2017
  • 7 replies

I am trying to connect my freind's phone to my system. I downloaded the App, however, it is MY music library that shows on his phone, and my pandora account. When trying to play music stored on HIS phone, only one song shows up. How can he play music on HIS phone and in HIS accounts on my systerm

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7 replies

Accounts are assigned to the system, not the controller. You can add their accounts under settings, or play any tracks that are physically downloaded to their phone.
I am sorry, I do not undestand. When I downloaded the Ap to his phone, and I click play music on this phone, there is only one song. The ap is not recognizing anything on his phone. Do I need to do something different in my settings?
When I downloaded the software to his phone I used "connect to existing system" should I have set up a new system?? I would have thought that he could use the music on his phone or in his iTunes account.
He can play the music on his phone. The music is probably in the iCloud rather than physically on his phone. Do not set up a new system unless you want to get in a real mess.

As far as the Sonos App is concerned it is like jgatie says, the app is viewing your sonos system and any online 'streaming' services you have installed, for example, Spotify Apple Music etc... think of those as being 'shared' just via the app,whilst connected to your wifi.

However each phone controller app also sees its own local music library ... music that has been downloaded to the phone itself. You see that normally through the area of the controller that says 'On this Phone' or some similar description.

It's sounds to me that your friend has downloaded just the one song to his phone.

However he should see your subscribed streaming services as mentioned and your Sonos Playlists,Sonos Favorites and shared libraries such as those you may have setup to libraries on laptops, computers or NAS boxes etc.

Hope that makes things a little clearer as to what music your friend is seeing via their mobile controller.

As John says, I would not setup a new Sonos System ... you will definitely end up with a mess or may lose your existing setup... you were right to let your friends mobile connect to the existing system.
thanks. that is what I thought about the new system. But on the menu on his phone it says "music on this phone" but then only the first album with the letter A shows up in the Sonos "on this phone menu"
You haven't done anything wrong. Friend needs to check the music is really physically on the phone. Many users think it is when really it's in the iCloud. One other possibility is the format of the files. Could the "missing" music be in ALAC (Apple Lossless) format, as those can't be played through Sonos from "on this iPhone".