Connect stopping Sonos play

  • 11 September 2019
  • 0 replies

Hi, I have a Connect that worked well with my old amp driven stereo setup. I thought I would try to use it with my computer, instead. I connected everything but when I tried to get sound out of my computer speakers - nothing. I kept unplugging, re plugging, staring at documentation and then, finally, something changed and I got a faint sound from them. Fiddling with various volume controls seemed to help but then as suddenly as it started, it quit. Not only quit, but stopped every other speaker with which it was grouped. The Connect still shows as being connected and part of the group it's just that the play on all speakers stopped. I unplugged, re-plugged and, eventually, it started working again only to stop everything again.Kind of stumped as to where to look for a solution. Anybody have any ideas?

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