connect samsung smart tv to play 5 (gen2)

  • 10 November 2021
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I bought a new Samsung smart TV and now I can’t use the same 3,5 mm cable anymore. The tv only has a optical output. I tried to use a cable who has an optical and a 3,5 mm combination, I think it’s called toslink.  ( see the link below) That didn’t work unfortunately. I have seen that it’s also existing a kind of optical converter in too 3,5 mm, would that be any better? Would really need some help. 


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4 replies

the auxiliary input on the Sonos Play:5 is analog and you may experience a (70 ms) delay - I would suggest to consider a Beam


Hi.  The optical output from your TV is digital.  The Play:5 needs an analog input.  Therefore you need a device to convert from digital to analog.  The following will give you an idea of the sort of thing you need.

Thanks for helping me! I understand what I need now. After some research I can see that the “converter” also need to be plugged in to the wall outlet. Do you know if there are any wireless?

Hi.  All those that I have seen require a power source.  You may be able to find one that can connect to a USB port on your TV to get power, rather than require a wall socket.