Connect not connecting

  • 29 September 2019
  • 4 replies

Connect is not connecting, through WiFi or Ethernet cable. I went through the help screens in the app and nothing registers. The light on the device stays solid white, which means it has already been set up. I can’t rest it and reset it up.

I also tried unplugging all of my Sonos devices and routers to attempt to reset the IP addresses but that did not work.

Diagnostics submission #1268266815

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4 replies

Thoroughly disappointed with no response from Sonos customer support. Limited weekend support and this is my only option on Sundays?
I just had the same problem. Moved a speaker from one room to another and the white light came on and stayed solid.
After unplugging a few times I just held the top button down for about 4 seconds and it suddenly connected. Hope that helps.
Thanks Sterling. That was certainly a step I tried but no luck there.
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This is a community discussion forum, some Sonos staff presence during some office hours.

If you are looking for Sonos Support take a look at the Contact page that offers various options, some staffed 24x7.