Connect + Denon AVRX2200W

  • 6 December 2016
  • 3 replies

Hi guys, I'm a bit stumped and hope some can help me out. I've got the above and can't work out how to connect it up so I can play Maui. Through my bookshelf speakers on sonos, and play to through my sonos speakers?

Some festive help would be so appreciated!

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3 replies

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The only thing you will be able to do with that receiver is listen to Sonos through any speakers connected to it. With no audio outputs (other than the pre-amp outputs for zone 2), there's no way to feed any audio from the receiver back into the Sonos system. Besides, most receivers with digital connections don't end up feeding audio from digital sources to analog outputs anyway.

To listen to music from Sonos through the receiver, you'll want to hook the Line Out of your Sonos Connect up to one of the red/white inputs (like the CD input, for example). You might need to change a setting in the receiver to tell it to use the analog input for the CD source, as there are also optical and HDMI connections labeled for CD use (not sure why HDMI, but I didn't design the thing!).
Hey Mike, thanks for the reply!! I have connected TOSLINK to the sonos out, into the optical in on the amp but unable to get sonos sound through speakers.

Could I not get TV sound though Sonos if I connect the RCA in on the sonos connect to AUX out on the Amp (front) or TV AUX?
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As far as no sound from the Sonos, I think you'll need to dig into your Receiver options then,,, with all of those ports, and all of them being "Assignable" (meaning that the CD optical port could be assigned to a TV input, for example), you'll need to make sure that the input you're using is assigned to the right label. You might also want to go into the settings and set the Connect to have a fixed volume level... otherwise its volume could be too low. This will prevent you from changing the volume of the Connect through the Sonos app, though.

As far as output to Sonos, I must be missing something... the images of the AVR-X2200W that I've looked at from Amazon and Denon don't show an Aux Out on the front of the receiver. I see headphones, an HDMI port (labeled AUX1 HDMI), USB port, and the setup MIC port.

If your TV has an analog audio output, you could probably go from that to the Connect... just note that your TV sound will be delayed a bit going through Sonos, so there might be a slight echo since the Denon TV audio wouldn't be delayed.