Connec stutters when using Play 1

I have added a Play 1 to my Sonos Connect (Z80 I think). The Play 1 is fine but now the Connect only plays a couple of seconds, stops and then repeats after 5 - 10 seconds. This only happens when the Play 1 is in use. As soon as it stops the Connect works fine - as it has done for a number of years. I have put all devices on static IP addresses. Restarted everything, router etc, but to no avail. Help! I have submitted a diagnostic 6956467.

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Anything nearby that could be interering like a cordless phone etc. I assume you not using Sonosnet but your home wifi. If so how much strength near your Sonos units.
Tried Play 1 on Sonosnet and then wifi. Connect is hard wired. Using Connect network switch to feed smart tv which works fine. As soon as I stop the music for the Play 1 the Connect starts working properly.
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Thanks for submitting your query and welcome to the community, Hampshirerunner. I can see two devices attached to your CONNECT via Ethernet. One is quite obviously the router, which I am hoping is a direct connection and not via a powerline adaptor. What's the other device connected via Ethernet? Also, your SONOS is occupying the same channel as several neighbouring networks. I would be inclined to suggest going to the application on your device, then to Settings, Advanced Settings, Sonosnet channel. Please change this from 6 to 1, or 11. Then test again and please report back if this does not work. Thanks in advance.
Problem has been sorted. I had an early version Connect (ZP90 - 2008). Some of these are incompatible with new kit. Sonos sorted out the problem for me.


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