Configuring Zyxel 1920 with Sonos ZP

  • 20 July 2017
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I had some challenges setting up my Sonos ZPs using a Zyxel 1920 managed switch. My Sonos ZPs and wireless access points are on the same VLAN. After reading the following posts, I realized I needed to configure the Zyxel to pass the requisite Spanning Tree traffic:

When you log into the Zyxel "Web Configurator", click on the "Advanced Application", and then the "Spanning Tree Protocol" submenu that appears on the left hand side. In the right-hand frame, the spanning tree information will appear. Initially, all the table describing the connected switch devices was blank.

First, I clicked on the STP "Configuration" (upper right above STP status table) to figure out which protocol was being used. My version of the 1920 supports:
1) Rapid Spanning Tree
2) Multiple Spanning Tree
3) Multiple Rapid Spanning Tree

I selected the "Rapid Spanning Tree" option. Next, I clickedon "RTSP" (upper right above STP status table next to "Configuration") to configure the switch ports using RTSP. You should see two tables showing global STP parameters and STP parameters for ports. First, set the "Active" checkbox for the global STP parameters. Second, for each port used by a Sonos ZP click the "Active" and "Edge" options. Finally, click the "Apply" button.

Once RSTP is configured, a "STP Status Table" should show that the designated ports are forwarding, and hopefully, the Sonos system should be accessible.

Hope this helps someone in the future.

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