Computer refuses to let Sonos connect to it

  • 17 June 2018
  • 1 reply

Sonos has worked fine for > one year. Suddenly I lost my Sonos music library and cannot index it. I get the error message that "computer name will not let Sonos connect to it. I have checked sharing settings, user & group settings to no avail. I have tried the solutions proposed in the Sonos community by others who have experienced a similar problem, to no avail. The problem behaviour remains unchanged and I am unsure of what else to try or look at.
And when I try to do diagnostics, I get the message "Customer Portal is not enabled for this interface."

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1 reply

That's odd. Usually that "customer portal" error has to do with a link to the old FAQ locations, and not anything to do with the diagnostic system.

That being said, I think the first thing you might want to try is a refresh of your wifi system. Turn off your computer, and unplug the Sonos speakers. Then reboot your router. Once the router is back up, turn on your computer, and then plug in one of the Sonos speakers. Wait until the speaker is back online, then move on to the next speaker, and plug it in as well. Keep doing that process for the rest of your speakers, waiting for each to fully boot before moving to the next.

Once everything is back up, try submitting a system diagnostic and see if it works.

It might be helpful for those of us who don't have access to the diagnostics if you were to post what kind of computer you have, what version of the operating system you have, along with the name of the computer, and the version of the Sonos application you're using. For instance, if we were able to see the name of the computer, and it had special characters in it, we could point that out. Or, if it was too long, that also might be an issue. Or, the operating system might give us a clue, if it was too old, and unsupported, etc.