Common problem: Keep losing connection to my sonos speakers

At least once a week my sonos controller "loses" one of the rooms I have set up. From what I'm reading here it seems like a common problem going back years?

My setup:
In my living room, I have a connect that's hooked into an amp powering 2 wired speakers and a Sonos 1 in my office. Variably I'll lose either the Living Room or the Office, and I have found no reliable way to get them back. Sometimes it fixes itself on its own, sometimes rebooting the router does the trick, but more and more frequently I need to physically wire the Sonos 1 or the Connect back into the network to get them to show up again. Obviously this is making me wonder why I don't just ditch the system and wire everything the good old fashioned way. Any help appreciated, since when it works I really enjoy it. I'd just like it to work reliably.

I submitted diagnostics, my confirmation number is 7408210

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It is not a common problem other than peoples networks have problems sometimes (the network not Sonos problem).

You are losing wireless connection. How far are they from your home router. I'm assuming you don't have any normally wired to your router (not using bridge/boost Sonosnet mode).

I'm sure Sonos will be along soon to look for interference or signal quality.

Do you have any other wireless devices within about 3 feet of the Sonos units (even Cordless phones included).
I see. I am not using anything directly wired into my router. Signal interference could certainly be an issue for the Sonos 1.

The Connect is what most often drops off, and is the furthest from the router. In theory, I understand how it could be a network robustness issue. I have a thin understanding of how Sonos connects to a network and manages that connection. But, I have an Apple TV that has no issues connecting to my network in the same room as the Connect (not within 3 feet), and the connect is what often gets lost the most. It may be naive to compare the two, but I don't think its unreasonable to expect them to perform similarly with respect to keeping a connection reliably.

Regardless, thank you for your insight.
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So currently your using your home wifi. So the closer Sonos is getting a better signal then the far Sonos because the far sonos may not be getting a good wifi signal that for from your router.

With that your best bet is Sonosnet. With Sonosnet all Sonos units act as repeaters. So the closer Sonos unit gets signal from Sonos unit hooked to router.... then the closer Sonos unit repeats the signal to the next Sonos (so as you see the more Sonos units you have then the better signal they all pretty much get).

To use Sonosnet you have to have a unit hooked to router. If no unit close to router you can buy the bridge or boost. The bridge was replace by boost but can probably be found fairly cheap on ebay. (like $20 compared to getting a new Bridge at like $80).

Other option would be some type of repeater on your home wifi to extend it better to the furthest space.

I still like other advantages of Sonosnet beyond just the signal repeating. It also gets all music traffic off your home wifi as to make it more reliable. Until a few years ago Sonosnet was the only way to hookup a Sonos system and was one of the prime reasons Sonos is so much more reliable then any other multi-room wireless system. The wifi only connection is really just a beginners type connection in my opinion to avoid having to have a unit hooked to router.
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But you are correct if the appletv connects in that spot you would expect the Sonos to connect as well. Hopefully Sonos can look at your diagnostic soon to see any issues.
Hello mattlindeboom, thanks for submitting the diagnostic. The report was showing only the PLAY:1 and not the CONNECT. Would you mind submitting another diagnostic while the CONNECT is online so we can get additional information about that unit? The PLAY:1 itself seems to have pretty good connectivity, with only minor spikes of wireless interference and latency.

Chris has a lot of good information above, and the only other thing I'd add is while using Sonos Net, you also have the option of changing the wireless channel that the Sonos system is running on, if a specific channel is especially congested.
@chris For Sonosnet, this can be achieved by say, plugging into my Sonos 1 or would I need a bridge?
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You can achieve by plugging in your play:1. Any unit works. Once you plug in you need to go in settings advanced and change the sonosnet channel to 1, 6, or 11 away from your router (which should be only on one of those 3 as well).
OK, I wlll try that. Thanks for your help.
Update, using SonosNet has done the trick. Just plugged my Play:1 in and the other room immediately showed up. Thanks @Chris. 🆒
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Great news
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Hi everyone, I am experiencing a similar issue.

I have today 5 players (playbar, connect:amp, play one, play 3 and old play 5) all of them in different rooms.

My house is not that big, thus I can use the wireless network of my router to set all them all the time.

In the other hand, as I have the sonos bridge, I habe placed it close to the router and wired to it in order to have the sonos net and here comes my problem.

With the Sonos Bridge in place, my speakers are often disappearing from my network and I have to cicle power of the bridge to set them back to my Sonos Ecosystem. (With 2 players I did not experience such issue, but increasing the number of units make it worst)

It is really annoying and it does make any sense since I do not have issues running on my router network.

Here goes the submit diagnostic number: 8111862

Can anyone help me to understand?
Same thing happens to me. I have five Play 1’s throughout a small house and am constantly losing them. It’s a big effort to get hem back online. When hosting parties it can lead to some pretty awkward silences!

I’ll watch this thread and try the fix.
Update: I followed the Sonos Troubleshooting guide and it seemed to do the trick. I adjusted my 2.4 GHz channel to be fixed on the left. The alternative is it was automatically changing channels and apparently that was not ideal
*Fixed on channel 11. Not the left.
Im having the same issue with my home. I have 2 deck speakers wired directly to an amp and that is powered via a sonus connect. this is wired to an ethernet switch in my comms rack. i have the same setup for 2 ceiling speakers in my lounge room cabled back to an amp and then powered on a sonus connect and it is directly connected to an ethernet switch.

I have had various drop outs where it will lose my rooms mainly will lose my lounge room and when i check on the sonus connect unit it is flashing the play pause button indicator. I have checked the power board it is fed from and is getting constant voltages, and my ethernet connection from my modem to my switch is sufficient, is this an update issue or a sonus unit issue

my diagonitic number is 8234920.

its really good gear but have only installed these two units in my home only over the last couple of weeks and having issues.
also forgot to mention may mean something might not. when the sonus connect in the loungroom drops out the speakers sort of make a chirp sound on and off hard to explain the exact sound