Chromecast and Beam Stereo Only

  • 28 October 2019
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I’ve read, what seems like 100 different threads, and can’t find anything super-definitive. I just bought a SONOS Beam. I am using it with a Samsung KS8000 65” TV.

When I stream from the apps built into the TV, the SONOS app confirms that the Audio In is Dolby, so I’m receiving the proper stream from the TV to the Beam. If I cast the same exact show from my phone to my Chromecast Ultra, I only get stereo audio. 

From what I have read, this seems like a limitation of the Chromecast or the way that the TV is passing the audio signal from the TV to the Chromecast. Is there any sort of conversion box that I can buy to convert into the proper Dolby stream, so I get the full value out of my SONOS Beam?

1 reply

Hey JScottTuck,


Did you manage to further debug this? I’m in the exact same situation, and I can’t figure out the root of this issue. The Netflix app for iphone only shows stereo audio choices, but I suspect this has to do with the chromecast not properly announcing 5.1 support. From what I could find, Chromecast should support it though. This leads me to either:


  1. Chromecast support is not properly implemented in the Netflix app
  2. The TV does not support 5.1 input through the HDMI ports and the chromecast forwards this information to the Netflix app

as for the latter, I read somewhere that most TVs will downsample audio inputs, so that’s my most believable theory right now.