cant see sonos on android app after update

  • 9 April 2021
  • 1 reply

Hi, my app updated the other day, since then i can very rarely connect to the sonos.

The only ways to get it working is an ethernet cable or reboot the router. Once the router reboots i can see the system in the app for a few minutes until it looses it again. The sonos will continue to play whatever was loaded up but it wont let me connect from the app.


I sat for half an hour with the sonos rep on the live chat the other day fiddling with the routers internet settings and while it worked when he was on the phone, it lost it a few minutes later.


This is really annoying. The system has never had any issues, iv been using it for 4years now. The last few days have been difficult with no music.


Please help

1 reply

Try unplugging all Sonos devices from power, then rebooting the router. Only when the router comes back up, plug back in the Sonos devices.

That would solve one issue, which you may be experiencing, but it’s not a full silver bullet. It’s also entirely possible that you’re experiencing some form of wifi interference , either from inside, or outside of your network/home. It’s worth reading through that linked FAQ, it the above doesn’t help.