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  • 3 November 2013
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I have a Sonos system connected to an Apple Mac, with both an iPhone and an iPad to control the system. I often get a message on the Apple Mac, the iPhone and the iPad when I try to access the music on my iTunes which says 'Cant access (some particular track) because can't connect to //IMAC-D25BBC/music' . I have enabled sharing in the sharing preferences, but it still happens, not all the time but quite often.

1 reply


First post! Welcome to the forums.

Full disclosure: I'm not an iTunes user.

I doubt that you have a "share" problem because you can play at least some tracks from your library. Is your computer wireless?

Please describe your network for us. Include EVERYTHING on your network (SONOS, computers, phones, TV's, Blu-Ray's, thermostats, etc.) What is wired? What is wireless? Which model router are you using?

Since you are storing your music on a computer, make sure that the computer is awake.