Cant add Sub to system until I update it....... but i cant update it until I connect it??

  • 11 January 2019
  • 3 replies

I recently purchased a new router, everything was working fine previous to this. After i set up the new router, i went around the house resetting all of my speakers. When i got to the sub, the app wont let me add it because "it needs an update". But if i cannot add it to the system i cannot update it. Is there another way to update these speakers? I have not yet tried hard wiring it, though dont think it is a communication issue as the system finds the speaker but then rejects it because it needs an update. Anyone else come across this issue?

3 replies

Hi. There was absolutely no need to reset any of your speakers because of the new router, so that may be part of the problem. Is your system now working apart from the Sub? Have you lost playlists and favourites?
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Hi! A suggestion. Connect one speaker to Ethernet and let the speakers create a Sonosnet which they will automatically do, I bet the Sub will bond with your speakers and get the update. When connecting my Sub it got an update after connecting.
thanks for the reply both of you. I figured i would reset the system because the wifi name and password had changed. regardless... i reset all of the speakers. The whole system works just fine. playlists and services are all intact.

I currently have 2 speakers hardwired to the router to eliminate a lag issue i had when playing uncompressed audio from the tv.
But as luck would have it it seems to have fixed itself overnight. i was able to add the sub today with no problems. Thanks for the help!!


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