cannot reconnect

  • 29 June 2019
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I have a play bar and sub that worked fine until recently. The sound bar works and one of my old tv remotes controls the volume but I cannot get it to connect to my phone/Wifi.

we run a google WiFi network and have Comcast xfinity. When the bar and sub were set up they were connected to the Comcast network not google. My phone usually defaults to the google network so I’ve wanted to switch so...the app said the speaker had become disconnected.

the issue seems to be that the play bar is mounted and the power cord is not accessible. So I cannot move it to the router and I cannot unplug it.

so I connected the sub first by plugging it into the google router. It is recognized in the app but I cannot get the setup to work on the play bar.

As as mentioned above I cannot unplug the bar without huge hassle and I cannot bring the router near it. I guess I could get a really long Ethernet cable and try to direct connect.

I am incredibly frustrated.

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