Cannot pair PLAYBAR with Play:1 or set up BOOST

  • 23 November 2016
  • 1 reply

I have a PLAYBAR successfully connected to my TV via an optical cable.

I purchased a brand new BOOST. I have connected it to my Netgear router via the Ethernet cable provider. When I follow the installation instructions the light flashes amber immediately after I press the button on the side of the device. I've turned the device and my router on/off, to no avail. I cannot successfully connect the BOOST.

I purchased two new Play:1 speakers. I originally managed to pair both the Play:1 speakers and could play music via Spotify - confirming they they work. I then tried to follow the instructions to pair it with my PLAYBAR. It failed multiple times. The things I observed were:

> One speaker would pair, but it would fail to pair both speakers. Which ever speaker I pressed the Play/Pause and + button would pair.
> Overall pairing would fail as both speakers wouldn't connect.
> Afer multiple atttempts my app wouldn't connect.
> I cannot connect both speakers in another room
> Wiring them via Ethernet cable provided didn't work
> I get a flashing amber light as soon as I press the pairing buttons in the instructions
> I see a solid white light (don't see a green one)

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1 reply

We'll come back to the PLAY:1s. Turn them off for now.

Connecting the BOOST should be straightforward. The LED is supposed to flash amber after pressing the Join button, then after a while turn white.

Turning your router off and on may not be helping, as many will forget which IP addresses they've already assigned, resulting in duplicates being handed out.

Power all your network devices off except for the router.

Start the PLAYBAR and wait for the LED to stop flashing.
Turn on a device which has a Sonos controller app.
Wire the BOOST to the router.
Power the BOOST up whilst pressing the Join button on the side. Keep pressing until you see the LED turn amber then release.
Once the BOOST flashes green you should be able to add it.

Kindly report back on how this goes.