Cannot not connect new play 1 to my existing sonos system

  • 5 January 2017
  • 3 replies

got new play one for daughter's room but will not connect to existing sonos system. the existig sonos system sees the white play one during setup but will not connect when i depress the two top buttons on new play one. rebooted router and unplugged the sonos boost to reboot and still doesn't connect. I've returned one white play one already thinking it may be an issue with the play one but second play one will not connect. please help.

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3 replies

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I may be incorrect here, but I understand that it is possible that your Sonos system has updated software and the "new" play 1 is running an older version that can create challenges. I believe the recommendation is to have you set up the new play 1 physically connected to your router with an ethernet cable and let it update and connect and work... then disconnect it but leave in proximity to your router so you know it works wirelessly.. and lastly move to the desired location so you know the signal strength there is ok

hope this helps,
thanks so much for the reply. do i connect it directly via ethernet cable to my router or to the sonos boost?
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as I understand it, either should work fine...