Cannot connect to KVMR

  • 23 June 2019
  • 7 replies

We have been streaming KVMR a local radio station for years and now it says unable to connect to the URL. There are 3 URL choices none work. I tried going through Radio by TuneIn through location that didn't work. I deleted the current URL and tried pasting multiple times.I turned everything connected to Sonos off, rebooted our router and still nothing. Can you help??? We love this station.

7 replies

As near as I can tell, I think they've gone to a Flash Player stream, something that TuneIn can't process.

Have you tried contacting the station directly?
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Try Didn't work 😞 I'll try to contact the radio station.
Nope those didn't work either 😞
Nope those didn't work either :-(

Those are both direct links to streams, which work fine if you click on them in a browser (try it). You have something misconfigured somehow. FWIW, the aac96 link sounds a good bit better.
Interesting. Both were working 3 hrs ago, now both time out. Looks like KVMR may be having issues with their ISP, or they limit connections...