Cannot connect to all sonos in house

We bought a new Sonos for the bedroom on the third floor of our townhouse. The second one is on the middle floor and the third one on the kitchen on the ground floor. Three of us in the house using the Sonos and all experiencing different states of connectivity. Sometimes we can see all devices, sometimes two and sometimes none. All are different at any different times on each of our mobiles. Router is on the middle floor and we have tried everything we have found in line. Unplugging, re booting etc. 
Anything we have missed before having to buy a booster? Thanks 

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Can you connect the Sonos speaker on the second floor directly to your router with an ethernet cable?

Your profile does not say where you are located.

If you are in the UK and using a BT router, see this:

Before eventually buying a Boost you could try wiring one of your speakers to your router, just to see if wired setup is better than running Sonos on your wifi.

Interference could be an issue, check this article: