Cannot add songs to the queue and error 1002

I cannot play songs from My Music on Apple Music via my Sonos Play 1's. I either get a message saying cannot add songs to the queue or error message 1002. This happens if I select shuffle, if I select a single track or if I select an album to play? Help

Best answer by Keith N 2 February 2018, 20:59

Hello there, mtzaquia. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. The team is aware of an issue where queues of over 500 items can cause a 1002 error on Sonos. The only way to get around this would be to break up larger playlists into smaller playlists.The team is actively working on a solution to this and appreciate your patience.
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Have you looked at the FAQ for error codes?

Also, can I suggest that you submit a system diagnostic, so the folks at Sonos can take a look and see what might be troubling your system? After running that, you should come back and post the number here in this thread, so that they know which one to look at....or conversely call in to them and provide them the number on the phone.
Thanks. Diagnostic Code is 7171711
You're welcome. Now we wait for a Sonos rep to stop by, and take a look. 🙂
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Thanks. Diagnostic Code is 7171711

Hi NAP69,

We're currently looking into an issue affecting some user's playback of Apple Music's my music container. We'll update you when the issue is resolved.
Same issue. 7175963 diagnostic confirmation code.
Any updates on this? It seems to be getting worse! I can't seem to shuffle tracks in My Music on Apple Music, but even failed on a shuffle attempt within a playlist on Amazon Music yesterday. Pretty close to unusable if I want to shuffle and that can't be right.
I am having the same issue, none of the solutions offered on these message boards fixes it. Please help! Diagnostic code = 7262918
Hey everyone.

We know you're all anxiously awaiting an update, but we don't have any news to share at this time. We're currently working with Apple to find a solution. As soon as we have word, we'll be sure to let everyone know.
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Hi there.
My whole system has turned into a lump of coal. I get 'error 1002' every time and i have tried everything that i can think of.
I have a windows computer and iphones and nothing works.
I would love form someone to help. ...its very quiet in my house now.
Hi, User100301,

Have you followed the instructions here?

If so, may I recommend that you submit a system diagnostic and post the number here? That will provide a Sonos tech some additional information that might help them lead you to a satisfactory answer to your issue.
Is there any update on this? I recently bought a Connect:AMP for my patio speakers and not being able to shuffle all songs is a deal breaker.

I opened a tech support case and they told me my library was too large and it's not their fault. Bravo.
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Hi joshrecord,

We do not have any updates to share right now. We are working closely with Apple to find a permanent solution to this, and we will make sure to let everyone know when we have developed a patch.
Hi joshrecord,

We do not have any updates to share right now. We are working closely with Apple to find a permanent solution to this, and we will make sure to let everyone know when we have developed a patch.

ETA? Something? It seems that this has been an issue for quite a while now, and it's very basic functionality.
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As of right now, I do not have an ETA. We want to make sure that we create a long-term solution to this problem as opposed to a temporary fix.
Why wouldn't have support told me this earlier today?
FYI my error comes from attempting to shuffle all songs in my Apple Music library. Seems the OP is worse off, as I can play individual songs or shuffle entire albums.
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Error 1002 usually occurs when a lot of files are added to the queue. In order to avoid clogging the network, Sonos will timeout if it is not able to process all of the information in time. This occurs most frequently with large Apple Music playlists.
Hello, I also get 1002 error, cannot play music. my diagnotics number: 7418463. thnks
Same issue.
Tried every single option mentioned on these and other forums.
1002 error
System diagnostic submitted: 7418506
I think the issue is largely due to the very poor Sonos coding.
Despite my music being on one drive on my PC and my Sonos driver being on a different drive on the same PC, Sonos software insists on polling both the speakers (nearly understandable) and the internet (why?)
Any how, looking at the internet generally and these forums specifically this appears to be an issue a lot of people are struggling with.
So, Sonos, in the interest of good customer relationships try fixing the problem instead of making it always about the user?
At the moment I have a Sonos system I cannot use, and if asked by anyone about your products would have to say buy Bose or B & W...
I have a windows 10 was ok before reistall system..
now can't add anything at the library of sonos. but is working with soundcloud account
Tried every options on forums.
1002 error
System diagnostic submitted: 7435795
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@aspaziji Welcome to the community and thanks for the diagnostic. Looks like we have some wireless issues to sort out to help improve streaming. On the settings of your router, please set the wireless channel to 6. After that, please power off the Sonos speakers, wait 30 seconds and then power them on. They’ll rescan for the new channel and should be able to connect. Afterward, please try again to stream music and let reply back here if there’s a source that seems to still have trouble.

@AlePlay Welcome to the community, based on your diagnostic and symptoms there is a feature called SMB1.0/CIFS on Windows 10 you may need to check to see if it is enabled. SMB 1.0 will need to be enabled before it will share it’s library to Sonos.

Go to Control Panel
Click “Programs” in the list and then select “Turn Windows features on or off” under Programs and Features.
The list of available Windows features appears. If a feature has a checkmark next to it, it’s enabled. If a feature doesn’t have a checkmark, it’s disabled.
Ensure there is a checkmark in the box next to "SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support"
Click “OK” and Windows will apply the change you made. Windows may require you to reboot the computer for the change to take effect.

If that does not help, reply back here to let us know.
@Kate S thanks for answer to me.
I check "SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support" and is enabled.
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Hi, Aleplay. Sorry that this did not work. Can you recreate the issue and provide more diagnostics?
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I am having the same issue. I can play individual songs but cannot queue all my music. I am set to channel 6. Diagnostic number 7569689
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I have the very same issue. Can play individual tracks, but get this error when I shuffle all or play all. Diagnostic 7618774. Really really really frustrating and prevents enkoyment of my music library on Sonos. Been happening for years