Can't play music off my iPhone after updating to 6.4

  • 8 September 2016
  • 10 replies

I just updated the app on my iPhone to 6.4. Now it doesn't see any music on my iPhone. The music is there and can be played on my phone but no rocognition on the Sonos app. I have an iPad that I had not yet updated the app on and I can play the music on that. Has anyone else seen this problem or know how to fix it

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10 replies

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I'm going to assume that the music isn't on your phone but in the cloud. Go into the music app on your phone and check to make sure it shows it is downloaded to phone for offline use. In 99.9% of cases the person didn't realize the music isn't on their phone.
I'm having the exact same problem after updating, and music is definitely on my phone. I was playing music from my phone last night, updated to v6.4 and now can't recognise any songs on my phone - but connection to my computer library is still fine.
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Just because your playing music on your phone doesn't mean it is residing on your phone. Just Check a song to see that it shows downloaded for offline use on your phone.
Thanks for the response Chris. The music is definitely on my phone as I said, I'm aware that music can be streamed from the cloud or downloaded and stored on the phone. I have played songs from my phone library through Sonos before, now immediately after the update I've lost that ability, it detects no music on my phone at all...
I'm also having problems since the latest update I did a few days ago. It keeps ungrouping my speakers, it then doesnt let me group them again on my phone and only PC and when I mange to get them all grouped it ungroups again.
I have the same problem... all my songs are downloaded to the iphone and they not showing up on sonos. And well, check out 6.2.1, in this version you fixed a similar problem with local songs on iphone:

"This update fixes an issue with playing music and podcasts stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It also includes performance improvements."
My music wouldn't play on my Sonos, so frustrating! I did need to download all my purchased music to my IPhone once again, as Chris suggested, after the update. But then, go to settings, Sonos App, turn on the Media Library.
I am having the same problem since updating my iPhone. The "on this phone" option is still in the menu, but when clicked it says "no content available" the songs are 100% on my phone not in the cloud.
If I had a £/$ for everyone who said "the music is definitely on my phone" but it turned out not to be.... But assuming you are right @NLK, did you also follow the advice already given concerning the Media Library? As of iOS 10, you have to give Sonos permission to access your local music library. In the iPhone's Settings, go to Sonos and throw the switch on Media Library under "Allow Sonos to Access".
I've got a problem with sonos not being able to access my Media library on my iPhone. When I go into my iPhone settings as John B suggested and try to give the songs app permission to access the media library there is no sonos option or slider. This is under Privacy > Media Library. The only thing it says on that page is
'Apps that have requested access to your media library or Apple Music appear here'. How to I get Sonos to request access again? I have reinstalled the app numerous times. Any suggestions?