Can't Connect? Troubleshooting Steps Beyond "Turn Your Router Off and Back On"

  • 1 November 2016
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#1 - Stop pressing the buttons. It's doing you no good.

"Oooooh BUTTONS! I'll press and press and press and...what do you mean, I lost all of my Sonos playlists and favorites because I kept pressing the buttons?"

#2 - Stop with the nuclear options - "I couldn't get my radio station to play, so I decided to install everything from scratch!!!!!"

If you can't reconnect to Sonos, here's how to get things working again.

If you have a Bridge - Check the link lights in back, right where the the ethernet cable connects. No lights, no connectivity. Look at the top of the Bridge - is there a solid light ? If no, then your power cable has fallen out of the wall, or the Bridge itself has become kaput. If you've got lights on top of the Bridge but no link lights where the ethernet cable connects, then replace it with any other style, color, or shape of ethernet cable. If you pick up the Bridge and the lights on back go out,. you've got a bad cable. If you don't have an ethernet cable, go to any office supply or electronics store and pick one up.

If your Bridge is showing no signs of life, take one of your players to the router and wire it in. If you can now see Sonos again from your controller app, choose "Wireless Setup" under Advanced Settings and enter your wifi credentials so your Sonos system may bypass the need for a Bridge or wired Sonos component. Then you can move the player back to where it was and you should still have connectivity.

Temporarily wiring in a Sonos component is a great troubleshooting step.

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1 reply

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Hey SBSurfer, this is a very helpful topic! Thanks for posting this here, I'm certain it will help some people in future. I'd also add that it's a good idea to simplify the network as much as possible to narrow down on the possible causes of problems. This means removing any extenders, boosters etc. and if possible reducing the problem to just a player, router and device to run the app. If it runs like this, you can add things back until you find what's blocking the connection.