Can't connect to sonos

  • 14 January 2017
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Hi, since thuis morning i can't connect to my sonos with my iPhone/ipad. i did the normal things: wifi on/off, disconnecting router, closing app, disconnecting system. Also disconnected everything from the system including phone/pad/tv/router and then connecting the router and then the rest, but nothing.... the white lights on the different elements are white. And the system does work on my tv. Can someone help me? Thnx!!

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1 reply

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First thing with iphones is that IOS updateds can corrupt their IP connection with router. To solve that I have always had to tell the iPhone in settings to forget my home network. Reboot router. Then add back to phone.

If Sonos app still doesn't see it your router isn't seeing Sonos properly. Do you have 1 sonos unit hooked to router and using Sonosnet. If you are that device may be having trouble. I would take another Sonos unit you have in house and hook it to router and see if comes back up. If it does then we just need to troubleshoot the unit that was hooked to router.

IF your using wifi only (no Sonosnet) I would still take a Sonos unit and plug it into router. Then it should come up and you can go into settings...advanced...wifi setup and re-establish the wifi only connection.