Can't connect to anything outside my LAN

  • 3 June 2017
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My system suddenly can't play any services outside my local LAN ( Radio channels & Spotify ). Playing from my local NAS server however works fine. I can search Spotify from my Sonos App. Search data like artists, songs plus picture thumbnails comes up just fine. But I can't play any. Playing Spotify from my iPhone Spotify App works fine, but...Sonos is now gone from the list of optional devices to play on ("Devices available") . When pushing the Play button on any of my Play1 units after having tried an outside service I'm getting a blinking orange message , which I understand as "having a problem with streaming". This doesn't happen after having played content from my local NAS. Which makes sense.
Anyone have an idea what might be going on? internet connection is indeed working. 🙂

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1 reply

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Did you change your network setup, update the router software or installed a managed switch? You may have accidentally isolated the Sonos...

Also, is the internet connection up to snuff? That is, have you run a speed test to confirm that the pipe is big enough? (Coax cable, etc. has been known to fail, a slow connection may prevent the device from being able to stream). Several years ago, local squirrels allegedly took a liking to the coax shielding, leading to a failed aerial cable. A test confirmed a bad connection, a replaced cable fixed the problem.