Can't connect playbase

  • 21 April 2022
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I've changed the password of my Wifi after which I can't connect playbase anymore with WIFI. Used ethernet cable, updated, but the app can not find the device.

When I unplug and replug it, hodling the play button it does not flash orange. Only when I let it go and press it agian. It does not go back to factory settings as far as I can see.

Now i'm reading these threads and see all playbases are being replaced. Is this a hardware fault, how can a update result in replacing all hardware (just a question from my side).

I'll run diagnostics tonight and send the code.


3 replies

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Hi @Chris0478,


It’s not quite clear what the issue is with your Playbase from your post alone, but I do recommend submitting the diagnostic report and getting in touch with our customer care team, who will look into your system further and determine next steps.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Issue is solved. Reset the router to factory settings (just unplugging didn’t do enough). Everything runs fine now.

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Good to hear. Thanks for the update!