Can't connect one of my Play5's

  • 24 May 2017
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Hi there,

I installed my Playbar, Sub and 2x Play:5 succesfully. But now I want to add a 3rd Play:5, but I tried it several times without succes. The controller can find the Play:5, but when it flashes green and I pushed the connect-button, it keeps on flashing orange. The other Play:5 speakers do connect at this time, but this one doesn't. I already tried it with a ethernetcable, but that doesn't help. It seems it is not able to connect.

I already used the Play5 at another wifi-network, but with a factory-reset it doesn't matter I think. Ofcourse I also tried it with another iPhone.

Can somebody help me? :)


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1 reply

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Hi demian87,

If the PLAY:5 you are having trouble connecting was previously part of another Sonos System it would not hurt to factory reset it as it would also eliminate any system information from its previous registration. Before taking that step, we would want to take a look at a diagnostic report from your system after trying to add the PLAY:5. This time when adding the PLAY:5 please wire one of your connected players to your home router first. Once the existing player we wired to the router displays a solid white light wire the new PLAY:5 to the router as well and move through the steps to add it to your system. Regardless of the result follow these steps to submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number.