Can't add S1 device to S1 system without upgrading to S2

  • 23 January 2021
  • 1 reply

I have 5 x Play 3 and a Bridge all set to S1. All of them functioning well on an S1 app (Android and iOS).

I want to add a 1st Gen Connect to the system (also S1) so I can add my turntable.

The ‘Add component’ option in the S1 App settings is greyed out unless I upgrade to S2 - after which the S1 Connect won’t be on the same system.

Is there a way to do this correctly and simply so I can have everything on S1 - as it currently is?



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1 reply

Update: I realised even by selecting ‘Forget System’ it still wasn’t taking me through to a complete New System Build. Once that was done it found the Connect straight away and all the greyed out features on the S1 app are now active.

Whilst that was successful, I can’t add any of my Play 3s or the Bridge.

I’ve reset all the devices as they were still connected to their previous system but, going through the motions of adding a new device is only partially successful. Sonos recognises that I’ve pressed the button on the front, but then I get a Can’t Connect error. On all devices…..