Can't add apple playlist to a sonos playlist

For years I have had issues with larger playlists, between 2500 and under 10000 songs and still have not had any solutions from Sonos support. This became a problem after an update years ago and never was fixed.  Fast forward to now, and using the latest equipment like the Move, the system still chokes when trying to load an Apple Music playlist. When trying to play the playlist, I usually receive a 1002 error. Sometimes after a couple minutes, the music becomes available. When trying to add the playlist to a Sonos playlist, I get another error of unable to add music.  The answers I get from support have always been ridiculous: reboot, reconnect, disconnect, it’s your network’s fault….blah blah blah. But I have some very complex and demanding media systems running on my network, and they all work fine. The only thing that chokes, EVER, is Sonos. Will they ever resolver this issue?

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Sonos recommend to music services that they limit playlists and other container types to 500 items max. See second paragraph:

Actual quote: “In containers with many playable items (500+) this can cause a delay while the Sonos player processes the request. Sonos may even time out and give the listener an error. We recommend limiting the number of playable items in these types of containers as a palliative measure.“

You could try converting your larger Apple playlists into Sonos playlists, as they are an order of magnitude quicker to load (as they don’t need to go over the internet).

Honestly, I’m just really confused.  I was able to convert one 4500 song Apple Music playlist to a Sonos playlist. But have not been able to convert any others. I just keep getting errors. This whole ordeal really sucks. While I love the Move and the flexibility to take advantage of Bluetooth and Airplay, those depend on my phone and its connection to transmit the audio, unlike the Sonos platform which should allow the speakers to operate independently, however, I’m left very disappointed in Sonos as a platform. Its inability to play medium sized playlists from major services like Apple Music is inexcusable.  Especially...ESPECIALLY!...when this did used to work find before, years ago, and never was fixed.