Can't add all album to PLAY 3 queue

  • 13 February 2017
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I have a ZP90 wired to my network, 2 x PLAY 1 and a single PLAY 3 connected over wi-fi. My main source of music is via my Synology NAS containing my iTunes collection which is on the same wired network as the ZP90. I have also configured Amazon Music as a source. I use the Sonos app on my iPhone, iPad and my Mac.

When using the app, i can add a full album to the end of a queue, or replace a queue with the current album, fine on the ZP90 and the 2 PLAY 1s, however it does not work on the PLAY 3. I get an error "Unable to add songs to the queue". This only happens when adding albums stored on the NAS, i do not get the error when adding an album from Amazon Music.

The error occurs on on all apps no matter which device i run the app on. I can only add a single song to the PLAY 3 queue one at a time this way, it will not accept adding a full album to the queue.

This is driving me insane as it takes forever to add music to a queue one track at a time as opposed to a full album. I've checked that there are no updates for the system, all is up to date. It only started happening in the last month or two.

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6 replies

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First thing to do is do a system reboot.

Switch off router, all Sonos kit and EVERY item linked to the network (phones, tablets, computers - no cheating)

Switch on router, wait a couple of minutes.
Switch on Bridge or Boost (If you have one of those), wait a few minutes.
Switch Sonos players back on
Switch all other devices back on.

There is a good chance this will resolve your issues