Can not access music library on android controller

  • 25 November 2016
  • 3 replies

Have only a Connect for a few weeks now. Installed controller on a windows pc and on an android tablet. Streaming, (Pandora, Amazon), works fine on either controller. I have also added my music to the library through the pc controller. My music is on a hard drive connected via usb to the router at: //RT-N66R/Seagate_Backup_Plus_Drive/Music.

The music shows up just fine on the pc and I can play it easily. On the android controller in the library setup the hard drive path is there as above and shared. So the setup seems fine. However, I can not access my library on the android controller. When I choose the Music Library tab, it flashes but does not change to the library. Nothing happens at all. So I can not see my music on the hard drive or play it through the android controller even though it shows up and plays fine through the pc controller.

Diagnostic 6787616

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3 replies

That kind of patchy misbehaviour is often associated with a duplicated IP address. Restart all the devices on your network to flush out any IP conflicts.
OK did that. still no library on the Android controller.
So this morning, having changed nothing at all from yesterday, the music library works. For some reason it just showed up after almost 24 hours.

One odd thing though is that the volume is much different when playing music from the hard drive attached to the router vs. music streamed through Pandora or Amazon. It really varies from track to track when shuffling. My music is all FLAC files ripped from CD's using dBpoweramp with both track and album gain. I searched for this but did not really find anything that definitively described how SONOS uses the encoded gain settings or if there are any control settings in SONOS for this. I should probably start another thread with my questions on that. But for now the invisible library problem seems to have resolved itself.