can no longer add source to music library

  • 2 October 2016
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I've used sonos for absolutely years and never had a problem accessing my music library.
Nothing has changed on my network. I've removed my music source and tried to re add it, but it doesn't matter whether I try and add the network share, or a direct local path, I get the same error saying

Please check the path to the folder, and the username and password if needed are correct.
Reason: The computer 'fileserver' is not responding.

There is absolutely no problem accessing the server from another machine. The share and password works absolutely fine - the same as they have for years and years.

I've reset the whole sonos system.. I current have just one wired connect device to the network for trouble shooting... still not joy.
Any ideas?!!?

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4 replies

Why did you remove the share, just out of curiosity?
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You mentioned rebooting sonos but have you rebooted the router and computer with share at same time?

Is the share on a desktop / if so has their been a change in anti-virus since last added.
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I removed the share because it wasn't working. No music could be played. The share is on a desktop running windows 10. It will not allow the adding of a folder either as a network share or directly with a local post to the music on these danger machine that I'm using the controller on!!!! No change in any antivirus. Firewall is off also.
At a loss. Think will have to reinstall machine.
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Hi, haverer2. Welcome to the community. Can you please replicate the issue and submit adiagnostic? If you are unable to add the share, allow this to fail, then run a diagnostic. Be sure to respond here with the confirmation number.