Calm: Unable To Browse Music

  • 17 May 2022
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Diagnostic #: 1733700773


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Hi @dad2three 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

You are on the Sonos Beta programme, which is not permitted to be discussed here, but it seems pretty clear that your older units are having trouble with band steering on your Eero network. I highly recommend permanently wiring one speaker to your main Eero node with an ethernet cable to change the way in which all of your units connect to the network. If this isn’t an option, then the addition of a Boost might be the way to go.

After getting Sonos on SonosNet (by wiring ethernet), you will want to change your SonosNet channel to one other than channel 6, as your Eero mesh is on 6. In the Sonos app, and only when all non-portable devices are shown as present in the app, select Settings » System » Network » Change SonosNet channel » 1 (or 11, if it performs better).

While on the Sonos Beta program, all assistance should be sought from the Beta Community.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply.  I’ll see if I can get one of the speakers plugged in and see if that helps.

The issue seems to be only with the Calm service connection, though.  I would have guessed that if it were an issue with the network connectivity, I would have thought I would have had issues with Spotify, Apple Music, etc as well.  In the same moment as I get an ‘Unable to browse music’, I can switch to Spotify using the Alexa integration.

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Hi @dad2three 

I was able to reproduce this issue with Calm on my own system. I’ve flagged it for investigation - thank you!

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try the steps I outlined above for increased stability on your Sonos system 😃.

Calm appears to be working properly now.  Thanks!


I connected one sonos to a wired connection, changed the sonosnet channel to 11 and resubmitted diagnostics (#1907866989).  Is there any chance you could look and see if that improved the situation at the diagnostics level?

I may have jumped the gun on saying Calm was working properly.  It appears to be back to “Cannot browse music”.

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Hi @dad2three 

Things do indeed look better, though if you experience any issues with Living Room or Lucas’ Room, I recommend isolating them from any sources of interference - these would most likely be Eero nodes, but there could be other sources too. Please check our Reducing wireless interference help page. I don’t recommend starting any groups with these two rooms - select another room first, then include these particular rooms in the group (the rooms selected when you create a group is the Group Coordinator and relays the stream to other rooms, so needs a solid connection. If you include Master Bedroom in a group make it the Group Coordinator, as it obviously has the best connection.

Calm being fixed will require work on their end - please keep an eye on

I hope this helps.