Cable TV Sound Cuts Out Constantly on Beam

My Sonos Beam cuts out for 3 to 5 seconds at least once every two minutes when I am watching cable TV. That only happens when I am using my cable box as input. I have a Vizio Smart TV, and when I play from any of the apps (e.g. Prime Video, Pandora) the Beam works just fine. The problem is only with cable TV. My cable box is connected to the television via HDMI cable. My Beam is connected to the TV via HDMI arc. 

TV audio settings: 

Speakers - Off

Volume Control Display - On

Surround Sound - Off

Volume Leveling - Off

Digital Audio - Auto

Analog Audio Out - Variable

Cable audio settings:

Audio Coding Format - HDMI (if I use other options there is no sound at all)

3D Mode - Disabled

Dolby Volume Mode - Off


I found something that recommends disconnecting all input cables from TV, turning it off for awhile, then turning it back off. I have tried that, and it helps for awhile. However, I would have to do that every time I use my TV with cable.

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What other options do you have for the Digital Audio Out setting?

PCM, Dolby D, Bitstream

BTW, I have tried PCM and Dolby, and they didn’t work any better.

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Have you tried Bitstream? You could also try unplugging the Beam, TV, and cable box from power for about a minute, testing a different HDMI cable, or connecting the cable box to a different HDMI port on the TV.

What cable box do you have?

I probably have tried Bitstream. I can try changing the HDMI cable and port. Why would that make a difference?

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The HDMI cable or port could be defective or causing interference with the Beam.

Do you have anything else connected to the TV?

I tried changing the HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV. That made the problem worse. 

I do not have anything but the Sonos, cable box, and power connected to the TV. 

Would connecting the Beam to the TV using an optical cable help?

Please keep in mind, that the Beam works fine when I am using my smart TV apps or just using the beam as part of my Sonos music network.

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I would try the optical adapter.