Bugs using Spotify Connect on Sonos

  • 7 December 2016
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I was in the public beta testing Spotify Connect and today (Dec 7) it was released officially. Here are a few bugs.

1. Spotify Connect with Sonos doesn't work the way Spotify Connect does on other platforms. I'll explain. I have Spotify running on Windows 7 and on an Android TV Nexus Player. When I'm away from home, I can run the Spotify app on my phone, choose a playlist, and decide where to play it. From a remote location the list of devices where I can play Spotify includes my Windows 7 Spotify app, as well as the Android TV Spotify app. I can setup my home Sonos (while at home) to play audio from my PC or from my Android TV. So if I am away from home, and I use Spotify Connect to play music at home using Windows 7 or Android TV, the music will be playing when I arrive home (provided Sonos has been setup to play music from that source.

I expected that Sonos would be a 3rd device that I could play to remotely. The advantage would be that I wouldn't have to setup Sonos when I was at home. I should be able to remotely access Sonos using Spotify Connect, just like I can access my Windows 7 and Android TV Spotify apps using Spotify Connect.

What happens is this. From a remote location, the Spotify app doesn't show my Sonos devices at home, like it does for Windows and Android TV.

Spotify Connect does work partly. Suppose I'm at home and my phone is using WiFi. Then I can use Spotify Connect. All my Sonos devices show up is Spotify. I can play on any device, group speakers, and control the volume of individual speakers and the group volume. However, suppose I leave home after starting to play Spotify over Sonos using Spotify Connect. After I'm away and my phone is no longer on WiFi, it shows that Spotify is playing at home on the devices I have grouped. However, only these devices show in
Spotify Connect remotely. None of my home devices which were not in this group show remotely. If I then switch Spotify Connect to play on another device, and then want to play in my home Sonos once again. That is impossible. Disconnecting Spotify Connect from my home Sonos, causes the devices it was playing on to disappear.

In short, you need to make the Spotify Connect client in Sonos work like the clients in Android TV and Windows.

2. Here is another problem. Suppose I'm playing Spotify in Windows. The Spotify app in my phone shows it is playing in Windows. It will ask me if I want to keep playing Spotify in Windows, or switch to another device, or play something different. The same happens when I am playing Spotify on my Android TV. My phone Spotify app knows what is playing on my Android TV. Thus, it is impossible to play Spotify in 2 different locations. Every Spotify app knows where Spotify is playing.

The bug in Sonos is that the above doesn't apply. I can play 2 different playlists using Spotify. This is not supposed to be possible with my Premium Spotify Account.

Here's how. I use the Sonos app to play a Spotify playlist over my Sonos system. Now I look at my phone. The Spotify app isn't aware that Spotify is playing over a froup- of Sonos speakers. So I can use my phone to play a second Spotify playlist, and make it play over different Sonos speakers. My phone Spotify app appears to be completely unaware of the fact that Sonos is using my Spotify account to play over Sonos.

Final comment. Spotify coordinates everything from the cloud. No matter which devices are playing Spotify, my account in the cloud knows whats playing. It also knows all the devices which are registered to my Spotify account. The 2 problem with Sonos are both caused by Sonos not registering itself correct to Spotify's account the cloud. If Sonos fixed this, my phone could see my Sonos devices remotely, and my phone would know that Sonos in my home is already playing Spotify and not allow me to play
Spotify twice using my account.

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1 reply

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Quick update. Last night I got Spotify Connect to work remotely. However, the Spotify app didn't show all the Sonos devices in my home. It only showed the devices I had previously used to play Spotify on. Moreover, I left home with Spotify playing over Sonos. Then I switched Spotify to play in my car, and before returning home I was able to switch Spotify back to playing in my home.

Great progress. Thanks.