Buffering issues

  • 28 October 2017
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I purchased a Sonos ONE and the sound is amazing compared to other brands I have. However I have come across an issue that I don't know how to fix.

After a period of time (time periods are inconsistent) the sound begins to buffer slowly, then gets faster as time goes on. Eventually the Sonos will stop playing the station for about 5 - 10 minutes, then start up again as if nothing happened.

I tried to see if I can simulate this with other speakers I have and I cannot. Those units play the same station for hours on end with a single buffer

Thoughts on what may cause this or how I can fix it?

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8 replies

Note: Most frequently, the buffering message has to do with the connection between your speaker and your router, not with your router and the outside world. Try unplugging the speaker, rebooting the router, then plugging it back in.
Having serious buffering issues despite excellent internet connection. Apple Music. Diagnostic report 607141671
Thanks all. I contacted Sonos Support via phone, and spoke with Konstantine who walked me through a few things. I have some homework to do before we can close the ticket one of which was getting the booster. I did and it is now is hooked up. I Like the sound so much I picked up another Sonos ONE for another room. Hopefully the booster helps. The location where the unit in question is currently is the only place it can go in the room it's in so... as long as it's not the unit itself I may have to live with what I got. Then again I need to also monitor the other unit to see if this happens, if no, then I may swap the two to see if it is indeed the location. Hoping the booster will help.

Hoping the booster will help
Unfortunately, as you will discover in the weeks and months to come, there is a myriad of potential sources for this very common problem. It is best to contact Sonos directly, and to send them a Diagnostic Report. The Sonos support staff are second to none - seriously; unfortunately, they have to be because even after many years, the system is still incredibly sensitive. The audio quality is excellent; so are the technical support staff. The problem lies with the system itself; believe me, I am an early adopter (2010), and am happy to publish the litany of problems I have had, for no apparent reason, with the system...
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There are a lot of communication troubles on the network showing up there on the Sonos One. Have you tried moving it to a different location or wiring it into the network? If not, that'd be a great way to start.

If that's still giving you trouble, it might be best to give us a call on our support line and work with a technician to take a closer look at the setup there.
Giving this a bump... hopefully someone from support will see it.
Thanks for the response.

I sent three (maybe overkill)

When it started: 8015947

When it got real bad: 8015953

When it stopped altogether: 8015959

I will add, that the SonosONE restarted as if nothing happened about 1 or 2 minutes after the last one sent.

Also... I saw something on the app about being the Sonos unable to connect due to not enough speed, or something like that. I had the same station playing on another speaker (different brand), and it was playing just fine through the whole period.

Total time between the start of the listening session until the time it happened was about 3 hours and 15 minutes - give or take a few.

Station being listened to was on TuneIn.

Router info: Netgear Orbi
After it happens, submit a diagnostic from the app and post the reference number here. Sonos will take a look.