Bridge won't let phone connect to sonos

  • 7 January 2017
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I have been having trouble with my speaker since day 1. I bought a bridge to solve the problems I've been having. I tried to follow the vague instructions on how to connect a bridge to an existing system, but it was useless. Now whenever I try to use the app it says that I'm not connected to the internet when I obviously am. Can someone help?

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1 reply

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Hello and welcome to the Sonos community,

Lets check a few things first:

Is your Bridge at least a meter from the router?
Do you have any cordless phones close to the speakers or Boost?
Are you sure all of your speakers are on SonosNet?

To check if on SonosNet

Is your SonosNet and Wifi on different channels?

Next submit diagnostic code here. Post the number here and a Sonos rep will pull your report.

Then try

Probably a network issue. Try a network reset as follows firstly:-

Switch off your Wi-Fi Router
Switch off ALL your Sonos kit
Switch off ALL devices connected to your Network
- Computers, Laptops, Tablets
- Smartphones, thick phones

Switch on Router. Wait until it has re-connect to the internet
Switch on Sonos Bridge and/or Boost, Connect - Wait a minute or two for them to connect
Switch on your Sonos Plays and Playbar
Switch on all your other network devices